Snow Joe iON18SB Cordless Single-Stage Snow Blower Review

Snow Joe iON18SB Cordless Single-Stage Snow Blower


Pros & Cons:
Pros • Quiet, effective operation. • Works well in clearing light snowfalls up to 8 inches deep. Cons • Struggles with wet, hard-packed snow.

Single-Stage or Two-Stage Snow Blower?

If you live in a place that encounters regular snowfalls, you will have thought at some point about owning a snow blower. Snow blowers are of great assistance to those in a limited physical condition as well as those tired of having to use a shovel to keep paths and walkways clear of snow.

There are two main types of snow blower: single-stage and two-stage. In choosing what type you need, you should consider the size of area that has to be cleared of snow and the amount of snow you would usually get each year.

The two-stage machine, for example, clears the snow in two stages. An auger breaks up the snow initially, then the snow is sucked into an impeller and exhausted through the snow blower chute. This unit is used in areas getting snowfalls of more than a foot on a regular basis.

For the average home with a driveway and sidewalk, a single-stage snow blower should be adequate. A single-stage machine is light-duty and capable of handling up to 8” of snow. The single-stage unit is not classed as being self-propelled, but with the auger being shaped like a corkscrew, the rotating action tends to move the machine forward as it picks up snow and deposits it into the snow blower chute.

Gas or Electric Snow Blower?

A big drawback when using a gas powered snow blower is the noise level. A gas powered unit can be very noisy, having a decibel level similar to that of a chainsaw. Not so with an electric snow blower, though, which can operate almost noiselessly. This electrical advantage means snow clearance can be tackled at any time of the day or night without disturbing the neighbors.

How Capable is the Electric Unit?

Many consumers have reservations about an electric snow blower’s power and its ability to do the job in hand. Electric units have proven ability, however, and in many cases are quite capable of clearing average suburban driveways just as easily as if a similar size gas powered unit was being used.

Electric snow blowers, like the Snow Joe iON18SB Single Stage Snow Blower, generally equate to the power generated by a small single-stage gas powered unit - without the noise and carbon emissions. The Snow Joe is battery-operated, driven by a rechargeable 40-volt lithium-ion power system and operates as quietly as any other electric model.


Cordless electric snow blower with a no-load speed of 2,500 RPM.

Snow clearing width of 18 inches (45.7 cm), snow cut depth of 8 inches (20.3 cm) and throwing distance of 20 feet (6 m).

Push-button electric start snow blower.

Adjustable handle.

Heavy-duty, light-weight, 2-blade rubber auger.

Comes with a 40-volt lithium-ion rechargeable power plant and a EcoSharp battery charger.

Wheel size: 6-inch (15.2 cm).

Weight: 31.5 lbs (14.3 kg).


The iON18SB has a 40-minute runtime when operated with a fully charged battery.

A rare 2-blade rubber auger helps lower the weight and allows the motor to spin more efficiently than a unit with a metal auger.

The snow blower is limited to handling snow up to 8 inches deep. This is not a problem for an area that collects small snowfalls that can be cleared promptly, but for areas receiving large snowfalls a more robust unit would be desirable. This snow blower moves up to 495 pounds of snow per minute.

The chute can be turned a full 180°, with the rotation switch being easily set with slight thumb pressure.

A headlamp provides illumination ahead of the unit should this be required at night. This is activated through an LED switch located on the switch bar harness. The LED light can be adjusted for height.

To begin powering the Snow Blower, first open the battery compartment to insert and lock the battery in position. The safety key is then inserted into the slot.

To power on, the safety button on the switch housing is pressed. While depressing the safety switch with one hand, the other hand is used to pull the ON/OFF switch bar lever towards you. As soon as the machine powers on, the safety switch button is released. To power off, the grip on the ON/OFF switch bar lever is released.

Note:The Snow Blower can only be started by first pressing the safety button followed by squeezing the ON/OFF switch bar lever; reverse operation will not start the machine.

There is no need to force the Snow Blower operation; push gently and evenly to keep up with the unit’s throw rate. For effective operation it’s suggested you tilt the unit slightly on the wheels on one side while moving forward or backwards.

It’s important to note the wind direction before operating the Snow Blower. Whenever possible, move in the same direction as the wind to avoid the snow being thrown back into your face.

User Comments

More than 94% of users gave the iON18SB a 4 or 5 star rating.

Many users comment on the lightness and how easy it is to maneuver the iON18SB. It works well clearing light snowfalls, but sometimes needs a couple of passes for deeper falls. Has difficulty dealing with wet, hard-packed snow.

Some users advise buying a spare battery as the runtime for one battery use may not be adequate for clearing snow on larger properties within the available time frame of about 40 minutes.


The Snow Joe iON18SB Cordless offers quiet, effective snow removal without the noise and carbon emissions associated with gas powered units. The unit is effective in clearing up to 8-inch deep snow build-up. Some difficulty, though, is encountered when clearing wet, hard-packed snow.

The unit is light and easy to use and store, as indicated by many users.

The unit’s quietness means snow can be cleared at any time, without worrying about neighbour disturbance. An LED light attached to the unit gives sufficient illumination to see ahead when clearing snow during night hours.

A second battery purchase is suggested for more effective Snow Blower use on larger properties.

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