Remington 18A-212B783 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

Remington 18A-212B783 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower


Pros & Cons:
Pros • Eco-friendly and operates quietly. • Avoids the ongoing engine maintenance and fuel costs associated with gas engines. • Wheel configuration aids lawn mower maneuverability.
Cons • Battery requires charging before the mower can be used. • The mower may be heavy to use for some people once the battery is attached.

When seeking to buy a lawn mower, users will target models that are of good quality and are easy to use. Also, with many people concerned about the noise and ongoing costs of running a gas-controlled mower, there is growing interest in battery-powered mowers and the attraction of very low annual electricity ownership cost. There are obvious benefits, then, in owning an electric lawn mower.

Suitable electric mowers are not easy to find, though, as mower manufacturers generally offer more gas-powered machines than electric types. Cordless mowers are more costly for manufacturers to make too and are available only in limited quantities. A mower like the Remington 18A-212B783 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower IS available, though, and this machine may meet the needs of most mower users.

Mower Construction

The Remington lawn mower comes with a 19-inch, 3-in-1 deck and offers easy-change mulch, side discharge and rear bag options. A grass bag, side discharge chute and a mulch plug are included.

The height of the cutting deck can be adjusted incrementally from 1.23 inches to 3.5 inches with one lever in six easy steps.

7 inch front wheels and 8 inch rear wheels are designed to help to maneuver the mower easily over the lawn and around objects.

The powerful 12-amp motor is powered by a 24-volt rechargeable battery, is maintenance-free and requires no gas, oil or tune-ups.

An ergonomic designed handle with foam cushion grip helps minimize strain and absorbs vibration on hands and arms.

Mower Performance

The only requirement to start mowing is to plug in the charged 24-volt battery, which is estimated to last at least 45 minutes on a single charge, a charge that could take some 14-16 hours. On plugging in to charge, though, it’s important to ensure the charger light is showing red for positive charging. If the light shows green on plugging in, the battery’s not charging. For efficient charging and to ensure readiness for mowing, it’s best to do the charging overnight.

The mower performs quietly and can handle a ¼ acre lawn on one full charge. No cords to get in the way while mowing – a plus when using electric machines.

Although the mower is easy to move around without the battery in it, some users may be conscious of the extra weight with the battery connected.


The eco-friendly design of the Remington 18A-212B783 Electric Lawn Mower offers clean, and almost silent lawn mowing and includes mulch, side discharge and rear bag options. The correct battery charging procedure, though, is crucial to efficient mower use.

The addition of the battery adds to the weight of the mower while using, but this is offset by the fact that the wheel configuration helps machine maneuverability.

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