Poulan Pro PR627ES Two-Stage Snow Thrower Review

Poulan Pro PR627ES Two-Stage Snow Thrower


Pros & Cons:
Pros • The PR627ES Snow Thrower is a high performance machine suitable for clearing deep snow efficiently. • 27-inch clearing width and 23-inch snow cut depth enables quick residential snow build-up removal.
Cons • Non-CARB compliant. • Needs ample storage space.

Snow Blower or Snow Thrower?

Although the terms snow blower and snow thrower are generally accepted as being the same thing, strictly speaking, there is a difference between a single-stage and two-stage machine. In a single-stage machine, for example, the snow is picked up in one movement and thrown into the chute as part of that movement. Thus, the term ‘single-stage’ demonstrates the fact that the snow is thrown in one complete movement. It should be noted that single-stage snow equipment has no impeller fan and is driven by the auger screw.

The term ‘snow blower’ refers to two-stage snow removal equipment. An auger initially picks up the snow (first stage) before feeding it into an impeller, which then blows the snow through the chute (second stage).

The PR627ES snow removal equipment is classified as a two-stage snow thrower, however, which demonstrates the earlier mention of the terms ‘snow blower’ and ‘snow thrower’ being interchangeable. Throughout this review, then, we will continue to refer to the PR627ES as a classified two-stage snow thrower to avoid any confusion.

Two-Stage or Single-Stage Unit?

Although single-stage snow throwers are cheaper than two-stage machines and easier to transport and store, they are more useful for residences that get limited snowfall. Single-stage units are light and easy to maneuver, but they cannot clear heavy, deep snowfalls. Also, they are restricted to fairly level ground because the auger can strike rocks and other debris on uneven areas.

The heavier, more expensive and more powerful two-stage snow throwers are more useful for areas that receive heavy and more frequent snowfalls. Also, the larger motor of the two-stage machine performs better when the snow is wet and efficiently uses its two augers to separately pull snow in and discharge snow out of the chute. Better auger design also allows the two-stage snow thrower to perform well on uneven ground.

It’s preferable, then, for homeowners needing to clear heavy snowfalls regularly that they choose a powerful, reliable machine. The Poulan Pro PR627ES Two-Stage Snow Thrower boasts a 27-inch clearing width and a powerful 208 cc engine that enables the machine to throw snow over 30 feet, so could be an ideal solution for any size driveway.


27-inch Two-Stage Snow Thrower with electric button-push start.

Poulan Pro 208 cc engine manufacture.

Self-propelled drive with 4 forward/2 reverse speed control.

23-inch snow cut depth and can throw snow up to 35 feet.

12-by-12-inch diameter auger/impeller with high velocity discharge.

16-by-4-inch wheels.

Weight: 240 pounds.

Being Non-CARB Compliant is not for sale in California.


The Poulan Pro has a user-friendly control panel, making for quick and easy-read start-up instructions.

The PR627ES is sturdily built and its high performance auger and impeller enables the machine to tackle large amounts of snow quickly and efficiently. Being large in diameter and made of hard-wearing material, the auger and impeller will not wear out easily. These two important members perform an ongoing reliable job of breaking up snow and discharging it through the snow chute.

This snow thrower is a self-propelled machine that incorporates multiple forward and reverse speeds. Its powerful OHV engine easily provides ample power to deal with heavy snowfalls. Forward and reverse of the machine are controlled by a traction drive control located on the left side handle.

Speed and direction of the machine are controlled by a drive speed control lever on the right side of the unit. Slower speeds are chosen when tackling heavy snow, with a slower speed also being recommended until you become familiar with using the snow thrower.

An auger control lever on the right side handle is used to throw the snow. The auger control lever is squeezed for auger activation and to throw snow. Releasing the lever stops the snow throwing process. The chute deflector position determines how far the snow is thrown. On setting the deflector low the snow is thrown a short way; a higher position setting will throw the snow farther.

In certain snow conditions the discharge chute may become blocked with ice and snow. A clean-out tool is provided to unblock the chute.

The PR627ES engine comes with both a 120 volt A.C. electric starter, choke and a recoil starter, giving the user a choice when starting from cold or a warm start.

The Poulan Pro PR627ES has outstanding snow clearing ability and its 27 inch clearing width enables it to clear around residential areas quickly and efficiently most of the time. With snow being at the high end of the cutting depth of the PR627ES, however, the clearance width may be somewhat reduced.

The Poulan Pro is large and will need adequate storage space, which could be a problem for residential owners with limited storage space.

With the unit not being CARB Compliant, users in the California area will not be able to use the PR627ES.

User Comments

Most users are generally satisfied with the performance of the Poulan Pro PR627ES. Some users note that the original machine had an 11 HP motor as against the existing 6.5 HP motor. Present machine power is generally considered adequate when tackling snow removal, though, but one user considered an 11 HP motor would be preferred for handling heavier, wetter snow.


The choice of snow thrower will depend on the size of area needing to be cleared and the expected snow conditions in your area. Small areas covered with dry snow will require less power; large areas covered in deep, heavy snow will be more efficiently cleared using a powerful snow thrower with a wide working width.

The PR627ES Snow Thrower demonstrates great suitability in clearing thick and dense snowfalls around residential properties. With its wide clearing width and deep cutting depth the machine can quickly clear snow build-up. Slow speed can be dialled in when dealing with heavy snow too so as not to drag on the engine and to manage snow clearance more efficiently. A powerful machine with the ability to handle frequent snowfalls in residential areas and one that is high in consumer ratings.

The machine needs plenty of garage space for storage and with it being non-CARB compliant cannot be used in California.

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