LawnMaster BL705 Electric Blower/Sweeper Review

LawnMaster BL705 Electric Blower/Sweeper


Pros & Cons:
Pros • Light weight, powerful and easy to use. • Eco-friendly without the ongoing maintenance associated with a gas-powered unit.
Cons • No real cons. It may sound a little noisy to some, but with the power generated this is to be expected.

LawnMaster is part of Cleva North America Inc, an organization with over 15 years experience in engineering and motor technology. LawnMaster makes many eco-friendly outdoor power units, including lightweight grass trimmers and various tools that provide efficient alternatives to gas-powered lawn equipment. The LawnMaster BL705 Electric Blower is one of those clean and efficient-performing tools.


The blower comes with an 8-amp motor that generates an impressive air speed of 160 mph and 160 CFM air volume. The blower is comprised of a durable one-piece blower tube and operates at a single speed. The only assembling needed is to attach the blower tube and you will be ready to start blowing off debris in the area to be cleared. With a weight of less than 5 lbs, the unit doesn’t create any undue body stress while using.

The unit should be connected to a 120-volt supply, AC only, 60Hz (normal household supply).

The blower can be used for clearing leaves and other debris from your garden and for keeping patios, decks and driveways free from leaves.

A simple on-off switch on the blower handle is used to operate the unit. For those unfamiliar with using a blower, avoid blowing directly into the middle of a debris pile. Best approach is to blow around the edges of the pile to avoid scattering the debris.

A cord retainer ensures the extension cord is held securely during blower operation.

No power cable is supplied with the unit and unless you have one it needs to be purchased separately. The cord needs to be heavy enough to handle the product current. A 14-gauge one is recommended for cords up to 100 feet to avoid overheating and it should be protected with a 15 amp time-delayed fuse.

An added safety feature with this blower, to reduce the risk of electric shock, is that it has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other), which means it will need a polarized extension cord and the plug will fit into the cord only one way.

It is advisable to wear eye protection and appropriate clothing while operating the blower, especially as the air generated is quite powerful and you’ll want to avoid flying debris.

User Comments

100% of users rate the BL705 Electric Blower between 4 and 5 stars, with some 88% giving it 5 stars and no user rating it less than 4 stars, when this review was written.

Typical comments from virtually all users: powerful, easy to use, compact, light-weight.



A small, yet powerful eco-friendly unit that does an excellent job of clearing leaves and debris from around the garden and home. Easy storage. Comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

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