Black & Decker LHT2436 40 Volt Hedge Trimmer Review

Black & Decker LHT2436 40 Volt Hedge Trimmer


Pros & Cons:
Pros• Eco-friendly, powerful unit comparable to a gas unit, but lighter. • Dual-action blades reduce vibration and improve performance. • Long battery life.
Cons• Power button cannot be locked in the on position for continuous operation.

Why a Cordless Hedge Trimmer?

The LHT2436 battery operated hedge trimmer is one of a large range of Black & Decker cordless power tools ready to help you with needed garden hedge trimming.

Cordless hedge trimmers are a favorite of many people because they are emission-free machines and are easy to upkeep. They are easy to start up and for people who live in strict noise-controlled areas, these quiet units are an obvious choice. On top of this, of course, cordless electric trimmers are less expensive to operate than gas trimmers.

A big advantage with the LHT2436 cordless trimmer is that it is extremely portable, offering the same portability convenience as a gas trimmer. Provided you have a well-charged battery, you can go anywhere in the garden without having to refuel or stay close to an electrical outlet.

An important aspect when seeking a cordless hedge trimmer is to target one with a Lithium Ion battery. This type of battery lasts longer than the traditional nickel cadmium battery and offers more power as the cutting power is maintained as the battery drains, unlike that encountered with the conventional battery. The Lithium Ion battery is lighter in weight, thus enabling easier hedge trimmer handling and maneuverability.

You can expect around 50 minutes run-time with the Lithium Ion battery when using it with the LHT2436, depending on how tough the job is you are tackling.

Buying Considerations

When you are ready to buy a cordless hedge trimmer, you should think about what it will be used for around the home and garden and whether a particular unit will be suitable if your tasks are likely to be over one hour or so.

The trimmer cutting bar length also needs to be considered. Generally, a longer bar allows you to cut more of a hedge quickly. If precision is needed, however, a shorter bar may be more appropriate.

Trimmers with single or double-sided blades are available. A double-sided blade, for example, will allow you to cut hedges in sweeping, horizontal or vertical movements while in one standing position. You have to keep changing your position for directional changes when using a single blade.

You should consider the weight and balance of the trimmer being purchased, as a unit can weigh between 10 and almost 15 pounds. A light, balanced tool will help productivity and decrease operator fatigue.

Once a decision is made to purchase a cordless unit, the Black & Decker LHT2436 40 Volt Hedge Trimmer may just meet your requirements.


The LHT2436 Hedge Trimmer is suitable for trimming hedges, shrubs and bushes.

Comes with a 24-inch dual-action blade that operates at up to 2,400 cutting strokes per minute and can cut branches up to ¾” thick.

Incorporates an exclusive Power DriveTM transmission that enables cutting two times more branches at the same time.

Powerful 40 volt Lithium Ion rechargeable battery is provided that runs at full power until battery drains.

Battery run-time of up to 50 minutes continuous use (depending on the toughness of the job being tackled), with a battery recharge taking less than 2 hours.

Soft grips provided for user comfort and secure gripping.

Rear handle lock-off switch to help prevent accidental start-up.

Includes battery and charger.

3-year home use warranty.

Instruction manual provided.


The design of the hedge trimmer battery charger is such that it can detect certain battery problems, which are indicated by one LED on the charger flashing in different patterns. Should the LED flash in an indicated pattern, battery charging should be discontinued and the battery returned to a service center for service.

Once the battery pack is inserted into the charger, a green LED light on the charger will flash to indicate the battery is being charged. The battery is fully charged when the LED light remains on and is ready to use on the hedge trimmer. Note that a lock-off button is engaged to prevent switch activation while installing or removing the battery.

To switch on the hedge trimmer, the lock-off button is first slid off backwards and the trigger switch squeezed. The lock-off button can be released once the unit is running. The trigger must be kept squeezed to keep the unit running. Releasing the trigger stops the unit.

Safety Precaution

While trimming, it is recommended that you hold the hedge trimmer with one hand on the switch handle and one hand on the bail handle – and never hold the unit by the blade guard.

It is suggested that a wide, sweeping motion while feeding the blade teeth through the material being cut is the most effective action to use. Tilting down slightly with the blade in the direction of motion will give best cutting results. Do not attempt to cut stems greater than ¾” in diameter and stick to cutting normal shrubbery around the home and garden.

If you are determined to have precise, level hedges, stretch a piece of string along the length of the hedge as a guide for cutting.

User Comments

At the time of writing, 93% of users gave the LHT2436 a rating of 4 or 5 stars, with some 82% giving it a 5 star rating.

Most users impressed with battery life and performance.

Some users would prefer a trigger lock while operating the hedge trimmer for greater comfort and less fatigue.

Less stress felt by users because this cordless unit meant they didn’t have to worry about managing an extension cord.

A couple of users experienced burnt-out motors for unspecified reasons and a handful of others experienced unspecified battery problems.


The Black & Decker LHT2436 Hedge Trimmer is powerful, light and easy to use, as reflected in the experience of most users. Battery life and performance have surprised and impressed users too. Many users finding less operating stress because of the absence of the extension cord associated with previous corded models they had used.

Some users would prefer having the ability to lock on the trigger for continuous operation. Generally, this inability to lock the trigger on is the main reason why some users gave the LHT2436 a 4 star rating instead of 5 stars.

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